SAFER PRO keeps your loved ones safe

SAFER PRO keeps your loved ones safe

She can press SAFER PRO to send emergency alerts with location to all her guardians. She can also allow her guardians to track her while travelling.

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One touch safety lifeline

One touch safety lifeline

The system does not require any kind of smartphone usage since Safer Pro works on cutting edge miniature GSM technology

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  • SOS

    Press SAFER PRO red button to send emergency alerts with location to guardians

  • SaferWalk

    Feeling unsafe? Share live location with loved ones while travelling.

  • SAFER Places

    Helps in navigating to the nearest hospital or police station to be safer

  • Bluetooth Low Energy

    SAFER works on cutting edge miniature GSM technology and pairs with smartphone (Android and iOS) to work

  • Rechargable with magnetic charging

    SAFER PRO can be fully charged within 15 minutes using a proprietary charger.

  • Long Battery Life

    On a full charge, the battery lasts for more than 7 days with normal usage


In how many days will you deliver the order?

We will let all our customers know about the shipping dates soon. Stay tuned, great innovation requires a little time to hit the market ! :)

Where is this made?

Safer Pro is made in India for the world. Bringing the cutting edge Indian technology to the global audience.

How do I charge SAFER?

It's really easy. Just rotate the the backside of your SAFER PRO technology module will come out. This SAFER Module will have a three induction points for charging via our magnetic charger.

Do I need a smartphone for SAFER to work?

Not at all! Else how would it be used when the perprator throws away your iphone ? SAFER works on Low Energy GSM .

Are there any monthly charges?

Absolutely not! There is no recurring charge to use the app. All our launch prices will be one-time charge and it is inclusive of all taxes and shipping charges in/from India.

What is the warranty that you offer?

We offer 1 year free replacement warranty against all manufacturing defects.